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Bradley Pond Association
Annual Meeting Minute
August 20, 2011

Attending: Richard Lloyd, Walter Grzyb, Brian and Liz Elowe, Bob and Susan Winship, Jo Werther and Jan Marks, Toby and Barbara Stein, Wynn Gerhardt. The meeting was held at the home of Bob and Susan Winship and began at 2pm.

  1. The Treasurer's report was read and accepted. It was noted that there is approximately $5300 in the BPA account at this time. It was determined that the annual BPA assessment amount for each lot for road plowing and maintenance will remain unchanged.

  2. The Road Commissioner's report was read and accepted. There was a discussion of various parts of the road that most need repairs at this time. It was determined that the stretch from the Grzyb driveway to the fork would be upgraded first. A total of $2000 was allotted to road repair at this time.

  3. By law change. There was a motion presented by Richard Lloyd to change the by laws to allow money to be spent on road repairs before the annual meeting. It would be more efficient to begin road repairs earlier in the summer so there would be a progress report at the annual meeting. All the members of the BPA are invited to the road survey conducted by the Road Commissioner in May. The Road Commissioner could then contract for agreed-upon repairs up to $2000 at that time. This only requires raising the amount of money the board is now authorized to spend per current by laws from $800 to $2000. The motion to change Article IV Paragraph 3 authorized spending from $800 to $2000 was passed by the members present. It was agreed that there would always remain approximately $1000 to $1500 in the treasury for emergencies.

  4. There was a discussion of a problem of speeding on Bradley Pond Road recently. Several members have had close encounters with speeding cars that also fail to keep right. It was decided that a warning sign at the beginning of the road may be helpful. Liz Elowe volunteered to research finding a suitable sign stating “Private Road, Drive Slow, Keep Right”. $100 was authorized for such a sign.

  5. Jo Werther and Jan Marks bought the home previously owned by Paul LaGreca. They intend to live there year round. However, the road from the fork to their home has been in very poor condition for winter use. They elected to spend $7000 of their own money to upgrade the road to good condition for year round use. The members present agreed to reimburse them for part of their expenses in the amount of $2000.

  6. There are two members of the BPA who are two years in arrears on dues. It was agreed that Dick Lloyd would send them reminder letters and communicate that a payment plan coordinated with the Treasurer would be acceptable.

  7. Some members present expressed an interest in co-sharing the cost of a wood splitter. Contact Toby and Barbara Stein if you would like to participate.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard Lloyd BPA
President and Secretary

Email Addendum:

Regarding the road signage that we discussed, the point was made at our meeting that the town expends significant dollars maintaining the road to keep the public access to the pond in good repair. We are significant beneficiaries and it might be a mistake to put up a "private road" sign.  That sign would send a message that we don't want to send. Let the minutes reflect that discussion and the "private road" sign should be omitted from the program.

Also pointed out was the advice received from Mike Friedman about ten years ago during the process of setting up the BPA.  He said that signs such as "Caution" or "Dangerous" would imply that we understood that a dangerous situation existed and that could lead to negative legal consequences. His bottom line was that any signage should be avoided. Let's be careful with the signs unless we get a legal opinion.